We love ExpressionEngine

by Steve Hurst Steve Hurst on January 18th, 2010 at 2:41pm

We recently unveiled our new company web site. We chose ExpressionEngine as the platform to drive the site because of the complete control it allowed us of every aspect of the site. The level of craftsmanship possible in every detail is something most CMS platforms take a lot of effort to match.

We love the power of the system and the management interface. It feels like a solid, professional product from top to bottom, and we love giving that to our clients. And now finally using it on our own site. I look forward to sharing some of the techniques I was able to use to bring together some of the cooler parts of our site soon. For now, I just wanted to praise EllisLabs for a kick-ass product that I look forward to using on many sites to come.

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